A commission is basically the commitment by you, the client, and us, the studio, to work together collaboratively and creatively to produce the object you have in mind within a time frame and a budget that work for both parties.


The process starts with your verbal description of the item you imagine, followed by discussions with our designers, annotated by a variety of images from your sources as well as ours. Our archives contain thousands of drawings and photographs, in a wide range of design styles, from which we can draw for inspiration and suggestions. We also welcome any images you may bring, be they pictures from magazines, photographs, books or sketches. Frequently we request to make a site visit so we understand the setting in which the item will be installed or displayed.


This stage may also be replaced by submission of formal drawings from you, your designer or architect. In such cases, we are usually tasked with contributing to the interpretation of line drawings into three dimensional metalwork.


Once we have a sense of the product you imagine, we will prepare a preliminary budget, usually with a significant price range to allow for the variety of interpretations which may arise as we refine ideas. If this meets with your approval we will begin to create initial sketches to review with you, the principal purpose of which is to see how closely we’ve understood and captured your ideas. Once we reach mutual agreement on final project design and scope we will submit a formal project description, estimate and time table for your consideration.


Upon receiving your signed approval of our quotation, along with any initial payment which may be required, we will schedule production in our studio.


At this point, we will begin the preparation of shop drawings which we will review with you. Depending on the project, full size drawing and or actual section samples may be produced to assist with the design finalization process.


Once we have your approval of our final drawings, production begins. We welcome you to visit throughout the process, as it is exciting to see the evolution of a work of art from bars of unfinished steel.


The entire process may be carried out directly with you as the client or with the assistance of your designer or architect.

We look forward to discussing any requirements you may have.