New Rose Iron Works Handrails at the Western Reserve Herb Society Garden

April 2023

Decorative wrought iron handrails now grace the nationally renowned garden of the Western Reserve Herb Society at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. 

Bob Rose and Rose Iron Works craftsmen Steve Moorhouse, Jesse Burns and Stan Dejarnette were honored for their contribution when WRHS held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new rails recently. Coordinating the event were Lynne Griffin and Kate Williams, WRHS officers whose members hosted it together with Cleveland Botanical Garden and Holden Forests and Gardens staff.

Bob designed the handrails to reflect the motif his father, Melvin Rose, used for the Secret Garden Gates he crafted for the garden in 2004. Decorative details that Martin Rose, his grandfather, often used, were also included in the design.

Bob and his wife, Carolyn, gifted the handrails in loving memory of his parents and sister.

Watch video of Bob’s comments here.


Bob Rose Welcomes Initiatives in Art and Culture

September 16, 2022

Members of Initiatives in Art and Culture visited our studio during their 24th Annual Arts and Crafts Conference. After several years of Covid avoidance we opened our doors and welcomed Lisa Koeningsberg, Erin Welsh and over 50 Arts and Crafts enthusiasts from throughout the US.  Bob Rose provided a visual history of the family business as well as a glimpse at recent and current projects.   We are proud to be included as one of the key contributors to Cleveland’s rich Arts & Crafts heritage and ongoing culture.


Cleveland Cavaliers Choose Rose Iron Works to Create Corporate Gift

July 2021

The Cleveland Cavaliers approached Bob Rose with the request to design a unique gift to be presented to the CEO of The Cleveland Cliffs, one of the team’s primary partners. The initial request was a metal basketball, but soon morphed into the creation of a sculpture of a basketball surrounding the globe, positioned over a basketball court. The project was challenging due to a firm two-week deadline. Bob Rose explains that “This project showcased the combined ingenuity, creativity and craftsmanship of our entire team. It truly took a fast-paced village to accomplish it.” Read more about the process.

Apollo Magazine: December 2020 features CMA Acquisition of Rose Iron Works Jazz Age Items

January 5, 2021

Acquisitions of the Month: December 2020

Bob Rose says “This is a significant honor for CMA as well as for my grandfather, father and family.  I am intensely proud of our legacy of over a century long contribution to our craft and art world.  Important to note tho, that we are carrying on the tradition today and welcome inquires for commissioned pieces of the same caliber as these.” 

The Cleveland Museum of Art Acquires Rose Jazz Age Pieces

January 01, 2021

Rose Iron Works is proud to announce that their items displayed in the Jazz Age Show have been acquired by The Cleveland Museum of Art for its permanent collection.  These include our iconic Muse with Violin Screen, Deco Console Table and Mirror with Muse, each designed by Paul Feher and produced in our studio circa 1930 and one of the railing sections created by founder Martin Rose for The Cleveland Playhouse Drury Theater lobby in 1927.


Bob Rose says “I’m honored that our work continues to be recognized at the highest levels.  The Cleveland Museum of Art is the very best choice for a permanent home for these pieces.  We are extremely proud of our contribution to Cleveland’s and America’s art legacy.”


We encourage you to use this link to CMA’s On Line Collection to learn about each piece.  The site offers an excellent photo zoom feature which provides a wonderful opportunity to explore the rich detail carefully crafted into our work.

Thanks for Visiting!

January 15, 2018

The Jazz Age Show closed yesterday! 

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Stephen Harrison, Sarah Coffin, Bill Griswold, Caroline Baumann, the entire staff at both The Cleveland Museum of Art and Cooper Hewitt and the many generous donors for an incredible experience.

Over 250,000 visitors enjoyed an amazing glimpse of history, craftsmanship and American creative spirit.  We are honored to have been included.


Open House & Holiday Boutique

We’re delighted to have shared a very fun evening with so many new and dear friends.

We wish all a very Happy Holiday Season!


Join us for an Open House & Holiday Boutique!

Thursday Evening November 16, 2017

6:00  – 9:00 pm


The Jazz Age Show Opens in Cleveland!

September 30, 2017 – January 14, 2018


Bob and Carolyn Rose at the Opening!

The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920’s show, immensely popular at  the Cooper Hewitt in New York City for the past few months, will open at The Cleveland Museum of Art on Saturday September 30. The first major museum exhibition to focus on American taste in art and design during the dynamic years of the 1920s and early 1930s. Tickets on sale NOW for this blockbuster exhibition!



The show features our now American Deco iconic Muse with Violin screen as well as Mirror and Console Table, two pieces which have not been available for public viewing for many years.  Also displayed is the center balcony railing from the former Drury Theater of The Cleveland Playhouse.  It is one of the finest examples of Martin Rose’s traditional work.  Be sure to look for the catalog of this outstanding show.


More about the show:

  • Click on the first, primary Muse screen image triangle to watch a short video created to feature the show, Rose Iron Works and the screen.
  • Click on Featured Audio to listen to an interview with Bob Rose discussing the origin and creation of the Muse with Violin screen.
  • Page down to watch a short video with fun pre-opening clips and comments by Stephen Harrison, co-curator.


2017 World Congress of Art Deco to be held in Cleveland

May 14, 2017



We are excited to announce the 2017 World Congress to be held in Cleveland from May 14-21.

This Congress will focus on the works of distinguished artists, designers, and craftsmen in America’s industrial heartland.


Rose Iron Works will be featured.

Bob Rose, third generation president, will present Rose Iron’s history, including Paul Feher’s tenure as resident designer, and its contribution to the American Art Deco Movement.

The attendees will tour Rose Iron Works.


Pre-Congress events in Cincinnati and Detroit, as well as Post-Congress activities in Pittsburgh and a visit to Fallingwater will all celebrate exciting American Modernist design.


Dates for all activities include:

Cincinnati Pre-Congress – May 7-10, 2017

Detroit Pre-Congress – May 11-13, 2017

Cleveland World Congress – May 14-21, 2017

Pittsburgh Post-Congress – May 21-24, 2017


For the most up-to-date event information and registration details, visit the official Congress site at


20th Century Society USA

The event is organized and hosted by Mick Beyer, head of the 20th Century Society

The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s

April 7, 2017- January 14, 2018


The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s


Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, NY April 7–August 20, 2017

Cleveland Museum of Art Sept 30-January 14, 2018


The first major museum exhibition to focus on American taste during the creative explosion of the 1920s, The Jazz Age will be a multi-media experience of more than 400 examples of interior design, industrial design, decorative art, jewelry, fashion, architecture, music, and film. Giving full expression to the decade’s diversity and dynamism, The Jazz Age will define the American spirit of the period. Several historic pieces produced by Rose Iron Works between 1926-31 are included in the show. We are honored that a detail of our Muse with Violin screen is featured as the cover of the catalog for this exciting show.


Read about the show


JAZZ AGE: AMERICAN STYLE 1920s: Review By Polly Guerin



A Jazz Age Exhibition With a Syncopated Sweep

RIW is Featured by Freshwater

January 12, 2017

RIW is Featured by Freshwater

freshwater freshwater4 freshwater3

We are proud that Erin O’Brien featured us in her article Five Rust Belt Places that rock the Flats!

In her article, she mentions that our historic work will be included in the Jazz Age Show opening at the Cooper Hewitt Museum, NYC in April 2017. The show, which will include the Muse with Violin screen, a spectacular Deco console table and companion mirror and the railing which once graced the balcony at the Drury Theater, will travel to The Cleveland Museum of Art in September 2017 … stay tuned!!

RIW is Featured by Fox8 newday Cleveland

June 6, 2016

RIW is Featured by Fox8 newday Cleveland

newdaycleveland-logo newdaycleveland-dmnh

We are proud to be included in Fox8’s newday Cleveland feature Century in Cleveland. In it, David Moss and Natalie Herbick showcase a variety of Cleveland icons. The interview with Bob Rose provides a glimpse into our 112 year heritage as well as provides video of production at our forge shop as well as robotic welding facility

Bob Rose is Moderator for Agents of Ingenuity

April 21, 2016


Bob Rose is Moderator for Agents of Ingenuity

Ned Hill, Professor of Public Affairs and City & Regional Planning at the Ohio State University; Kelly Falcone-Hall, President & CEO of the Western Reserve Historical Society, and David Allen Moss of Moss Media presented a podcast conversation, moderated by Kathy Cook and Bob Rose, about Industrial Design’s influence on Cleveland’s past and future. While the discussion primarily focused on industrial design, Bob offered insight into Cleveland’s rich artistic design heritage with commentary about family lifetime friend Viktor Schreckengost and others who have enhanced the aesthetic appeal of hundreds of items designed in or by Clevelanders.



RIW Introduces Urban Iron Wall Sculpture Series

January 2016

RIW Introduces Urban Iron Wall Sculpture Series


Cleveland #1 – View from the River is the first in our Urban Iron limited edition wall sculpture series.

The eight foot wide piece depicts the excitement of Cleveland’s skyline in gracefully crafted outline, enriched with engraved, embossed and forged textures.

cleveland1-concept sektch-closecrop

The original design is by Brad Rose with unique interpretation in steel by Bob Rose and RIW’s art blacksmith staff. The next design, awaiting a commission, will be the view from Lake Erie. Cleveland #1 is currently available for viewing in our studio conference room. Custom sculptures are also available.

Light Fixtures Installed at Cleveland 3rd District Police Station

April 14, 2015

Light Fixtures Installed at Cleveland 3rd District Police Station

The fixtures described below are now illuminating the entrance of the new 3rd District Police Station. We are honored to have contributed to the enhancement of such an exciting new addition to Cleveland. The station has been rightfully heralded as a new wave in creating a welcoming atmosphere for our community. Erin Obrien of Fresh Water Cleveland shares our pride in Commander Pat Stephens’ (and his team’s) service to our neighborhood. We are grateful to Steve Manka and Steve Yusko for their assistance with the fixture’s design as well as to Repko, Atom Blasting and American Japanning for their skills of laser cutting, sandblasting and painting respectively.


ppt1-44 ppt1-41-crop ppt1-43

RIW’s railing is showcased at A Tradition of Progress – Ohio Decorative Arts 1865-1945

February 6 – May 17, 2015

RIW’s railing is showcased at A Tradition of Progress – Ohio Decorative Arts 1865-1945

Several Rose Iron Works historic pieces as well as original drawings by Paul Feher are being displayed at The Decorative Arts Center of Ohio, Lancaster, Ohio. The show is curated by Andrew Richmond.

Here are a few pics taken at the opening. The railing section, an example of Martin Roses’ finest work, is one which was made for the Drury Theater of the Cleveland Playhouse in the late 20’s. The lamp is one designed by Paul Feher in 1930 .. and is still in production today!

daco-sign2vertical daco-railingatentrance1

daco-acandirons1 daco-decolamp1 daco-cactusandirons1

Read more about it in the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette.

dacoo-showpostcard-front_page_1-rr1 dacoo-showpostcard-backpagecropped

Light Fixtures for New Police Station

January 27, 2015

Light Fixtures for New Police Station

In mid 2014, Rose Iron Works’ design team of Steve Yusko and Bob Rose, assisted by Steve Manka – Manka Design Studio won the public arts competition sponsored by Land Studio to fabricate a pair of entrance light fixtures for the new3rd District Cleveland Police Station. The design has now been formally approved and a wooden mock-up viewed by the committee to facilitate decisions regarding color and lighting of both our fixtures and the portal decoration, designed by artist Laura Cooperman and being fabricated by Signature Lighting, Cleveland. Check back for future updates!

policestationconcept1 mockupreviewcommittee1 viewingmockup-night


Holiday Boutique

December 2014


Holiday Boutique


Great to have shared this event with many friends!

For those we missed … perhaps we’ll see you at the next one!

Holiday Boutique


One day only this year!

Thursday, December 12th

1 pm to 7 pm

A Note from Bob Rose:

We’ve decided not to host a full open house this year, perhaps repeating them every two years … but wish to provide an opportunity for you to acquire those special presents.

RIW is chosen to create Onion Top for restored Euclid Beach Carousel

November 23, 2014


RIW is chosen to create Onion Top for restored Euclid Beach Carousel.


We were chosen by Raymond Rackley and John Frato of the Euclid Beach Carousel Society to design and produce an onion shaped top for the original carousel being restored by The Carousel Works and installed in a new addition to The Western Reserve Historical Society’s museum in University Circle, Cleveland. The carousel has a unique place in Cleveland’s heart .. and will delight riders of all ages in its new home. The society wanted to top the carousel with a piece as close to the one on the original building as possible (pictured below) We are honored to play a role in providing the “capping jewel” for this project!!


euclidbeachcarousel-historic-bulding completedoniontop-closeup1 finished carousel1

More fun pictures and reading about this historic project!

New Chandelier for the Ohio Governor’s Residence

November 21, 2013


New Chandelier for the Ohio Governor’s Residence

We are honored to announce that we were selected to create a period representative chandelier for the living room of the Ohio Governor’s Residence in Bexley, Ohio.


After a prolonged search for a site appropriate fixture for the room the Friends of the Ohio Governor’s Residence and Heritage Gardens, with guidance from the Ohio Historical Society, chose us to create a chandelier based on a design offered by the Cincinnati Artistic Ironworks, active at the turn of the Century … but enriched with Rose Iron Works flair. We are proud to explain that First Lady and Governor Kasich specifically wished to showcase Ohio artists and craftsmen for this delightful project. Read about Construction & Read News Article.

Balcony Railings Restored

July 2013


Balcony Railings Restored


RIW completed an extensive restoration of the balconies for a historically significant building in Rochester, Michigan. The building, known to locals as the Chapman House, is being converted into a French-inspired restaurant, specialty food & wine store, and a special event venue. It’s scheduled to be complete and open to the public in the spring of 2014. Read more





The Hangar is a Hidden Art Deco Gem

November 19, 2012


The Hangar is a Hidden Art Deco Gem


Rose Iron Works was featured in an in depth article about The Hangar, an elegant sports complex designed by Abram Garfield, which was added to the Dudley S Blossom estate in 1930. Evelyn Theiss provides the reader with carefully researched history as well as photographs of one of Cleveland’s deco treasures, not normally open to the public. Commentary by Paul Westlake, Westlake Reed Leskosky, and Dr Richard Distad provide insight about the structure, its renovation by current owner Charles Bolton as well as anecdotes about Blossom Family use.







Leading authority on Art Deco Metalwork to Speak on Edgar Brandt and Rose Iron Works.

September 21 & 22, 2012


Leading authority on Art Deco Metalwork to Speak on Edgar Brandt and Rose Iron Works.

Joan Kahr, art historian and leading authority on Edgar Brandt, will be the featured speaker of a Cleveland weekend seminar on Art Deco metalwork, September 21 and 22. The theme of the Friday/Saturday seminar, organized by the 20th Century Society USA, is “Art Deco Metalwork: Edgar Brandt and Rose Iron Works.”

Kahr, Brandt’s biographer and also authority on Paul Fehér, Rose Iron Works’ designer during the early 1930’s, will present a slide lecture Friday evening at the Cleveland Museum of Art.


Saturday, participants will tour private and public installations of Fehér / Rose Iron Works’ metalwork in the Greater Cleveland area, ending with a tour of the company showrooms, archives and forge shop. If you wish to participate, please contact Michael Beyer at

Kahr, a graduate of Adelphi University, received her Master of Arts in European decorative arts from the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum/Parsons School of Design. She has lectured on French ironwork at the Bard Graduate Center, the Cranbrook Academy of Art, and the University of Pennsylvania. She and her husband live on Long Island, NY.


Michael Beyer, president of the 20th Century Society USA and a prominent member of the World Congress on Art Deco, was raised in Parma and is a specialist in family medicine with the Adena Health System in Washington Court House, OH.


St James Church Reopens!! ….. Rose Chandeliers will be enjoyed once again.

July 26, 2012


St James Church Reopens!! ….. Rose Chandeliers will be enjoyed once again.


We are delighted to join the immense group celebrating the reopening of St James Church. The Cleveland icon was locked in 2010 as part of a diocese wide downsizing by Bishop Richard Lennon … and saved by extensive efforts by the community resulting in a Vatican reversal of the decision.

Martin Rose and Rose Iron Works craftsmen created the numerous chandeliers and ancillary light fixtures throughout the sanctuary during the early 1930’s.


james1 james2


james3 james4


You can read more here:


A Moment in History Came Alive at Rose Iron Works … with more to come!

July 17, 2012


A Moment in History Came Alive at Rose Iron Works … with more to come!


Ann DeBolt, granddaughter of Steve Papp — a key Rose blacksmith during the 1920’s — visited from her home in Texas, her first return trip to Cleveland in over 40 years.




DeBolt brought a photo of her Grandfather stationed at his anvil, a vignette we were able to re-create with Ann standing exactly where Papp had once worked.


debolt2 debolt3


Among the items she brought along to share was a letter to her grandfather from the pastor of the Church of the Covenant (Cleveland) inviting him to attend the 1931 dedication service of the then remodeled chapel for which RIW had just completed significant work.

debolt4 debolt5


Coincidentally, exciting developments are taking place at the church!!!


We are currently producing new organ loft railings, designed by architect James Watson, which will be installed later this year in the recently refurbished sanctuary. History repeats!


Reverend Campbell, James Watson , Rod Keen (chair Building and Grounds), Paul Williams (president of the Society) and many others have literally performed miracles reworking the woodwork, floors and lighting. This effort has been widely recognized as evidenced by winning the national AIA restoration award as well as regional award along with Webber Murphy and Fox architects.


Bob Halper, Halper Lighting Solutions is currently designing a fascinating mechanism for nighttime illumination of the rose window thanks to funding from University Hospitals.


Our entire community will delight in listening to the new organ which will be installed this fall.

Meet our new Greeter!!

May 2012


Meet our new Greeter!!




Per the classic “when a door closes, a window opens” … we are convinced that Kirby was sent to us by Roxie. He was recently found in Philadelphia …. lost, tattered and in want of a loving home … and has now joined both Bob’s family and our staff as Greeter. Furry friends are an important part of our studio culture, to many of our visitors as well.

We’ve Lost a Dear Friend

April 5, 2012


We’ve Lost a Dear Friend


Our entire staff as well as hundreds of visitors have fallen in love with Roxie.

Rox was our “greeter” … always happy to make new acquaintances or to welcome friends.

She brought loving warmth to us each and every day.

At 14, both old age and cancer took their toll … she died “while at work” on April 5, 2012.

We cherish her memory …. and will forever miss her.

Ingenuity Festival

September, 2011


Ingenuity Festival


Chair & Tell Sponsored by HGR Industrial Surplus


A whimsical chair created by Stephen Yusko, Rose Iron Works artist-in-residence, was displayed at the 2011 Ingenuity Fest.

The chairs may be viewed at the RTA Station, Tower City, Cleveland until December 1

Concours d’Elegance of America

July 29-30, 2011


Concours d’Elegance of America



Bob and Barbara Rose, along with Stephen Yusko, attended and exhibited at the Concours d’Elegance of America in Plymouth, MI on July 29-30. Collectors and enthusiasts from the USA and abroad gathered to buy, sell and show some of the finest vintage automobiles in existence today.


Featured in our display, part of the Concours d’Elegance of America’s Invitational Automotive Art Exhibition, were several Art Deco pieces, presented as a unique complement to the classic theme of this exciting weekend. Compliments flowed freely as discriminating attendees drew comparisons between the design and craftsmanship of our work and that of the Rolls-Royce, Duesenberg, Stutz and Mercedes vehicles of the same period.