New Rose Iron Works Handrails at the Western Reserve Herb Society Garden

April 2023

Decorative wrought iron handrails now grace the nationally renowned garden of the Western Reserve Herb Society at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. 

Bob Rose and Rose Iron Works craftsmen Steve Moorhouse, Jesse Burns and Stan Dejarnette were honored for their contribution when WRHS held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new rails recently. Coordinating the event were Lynne Griffin and Kate Williams, WRHS officers whose members hosted it together with Cleveland Botanical Garden and Holden Forests and Gardens staff.

Bob designed the handrails to reflect the motif his father, Melvin Rose, used for the Secret Garden Gates he crafted for the garden in 2004. Decorative details that Martin Rose, his grandfather, often used, were also included in the design.

Bob and his wife, Carolyn, gifted the handrails in loving memory of his parents and sister.

Watch video of Bob’s comments here.