Our Craft

We take great pride in our inherited branding as an “art blacksmith shop;” as members of a world community of skilled artisans who express themselves through decorative metal. Our contribution to our craft is based on a rich heritage and tradition of design intertwined with an ever expanding range of metalworking skills.


Founder, Martin Rose’s extensive training in and commitment to the principles of European craftsmanship guided his development of Rose Iron Works .. and our lives today. First and foremost among them: “Anything that can be drawn can be made in metal.”


It followed closely that “anything made at Rose Iron Works would be the result of inspired, yet disciplined design executed with impeccable workmanship.”


Martin advocated using advanced technologies and new materials that promised greater efficiencies, as long as the end result met the same standards of excellence he applied to traditional methods. He took great pride in the fact that the specifications for metalwork of Cleveland’s top echelon architects often read, “Rose Iron Works or equal.” We share his commitment to the process of expressing the vision created in a designer’s mind through carefully crafted metal which will grace the selected environment and provide appropriate utility, if intended.


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Design Execution Quality