How do I order an item I see under Products?

We prefer to handle orders personally. Please use our on line order form or contact us to place an order.


Sales Outlets


Do you sell through any outlets near me?

We currently only sell directly from our studio or through designers and architects.




How are products shipped?

Items are shipped via FedX, UPS or Truck depending on item, weight and particular requirements.
White Glove shipping is also available. Please contact our staff for details and to discuss any special requirements.

What are shipping costs?

Shipping cost varies with item and type of service. Please contact our staff for details.

How long does it take to get an item?

Limited production items may be in stock. If so, you may expect shipment within a week. If not in stock, delivery depends on production schedules which range from 4 to 12 weeks. Please contact our staff for current information.
Delivery of commissioned pieces varies with complexity and backlog but may range from two to six months. Please contact our staff for current information.

Does Rose Iron Works ship internationally?

Certainly. We are happy to accommodate any request. Please contact our staff with your interest.


Product Care


How do I take care of my product?

See our Product Care information.

Do you repair items?

Yes. Please contact us directly to explain your requirements.




How can I visit Rose Iron Works?

Tours of our office and forge shop are available on a select, by appointment basis.
Because we are a small, working studio, visits must be arranged well in advance. We regretfully can not honor drop in visits. Please contact our office to discuss the possibility of a visit.


Limited Editions


What number of items is produced in a limited edition?

At this time we contemplate limiting the production quantity of prints and a few select items. Edition quantities will vary. Please contact our staff for specific details.
At this time our sculptural and Deco items are open editions. Each piece is signed and numbered. Due to the considerable amount of time required to hand craft these items, relatively low quantities of each are created at any given time.

Will my limited edition purchase be signed and numbered?

All pieces, production and commissions, are stamped with our logo and name. Each production piece is numbered. All items are furnished with a certificate of authenticity.




Can I arrange to have a product’s dimensions or other features changed to meet my needs? Would this be considered a commission?

We will consider customization of most of our production pieces. Any such change will, however, naturally be done through careful communication with you as a commission.




How do I get an insurance appraisal for a current item?

We are happy to provide appraisals for currently produced items.

How do I get an insurance appraisal for an older item?

Please contact us directly. We may be able to assist with your requirements directly or suggest alternative choices.