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Hanger – Whale Tail


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Unique in any environment .. these hangers, mounted in groups or individually, are absolutely elegant sculpture.


Can be oriented with the “wings” in a downward position to gracefully hang one garment … or, with the “wings” upward, the butterfly form functions as a more conventional hanger. Clothing drapes beautifully over the gently curved surfaces. No “dimples” or “hook marks” in garments.


The Whale Tales, cast in T316 Stainless steel, are inspired by the cat-bit tongs that Rose Iron Works has produced for almost one hundred years for use in steel mills. (see additional images)


Back plate can be configured in a horizontal position .. or on the diagonal. Wall attachment hardware is invisible.


Made of forged steel, these hangers support a heavy jacket or light scarf.


Stainless wings work well in the bathroom and kitchen for hanging towels or damp items to dry.


Designed by artist-in-residence Stephen Yusko


Dimensions: Back plate 3 1/4″ square, Wing tips 6 1/4″ extend 5 1/4″ from wall.


Durable Black Oxide finish


Steel back plate attaches to the wall, hanger telescopes into socket and is locked with a set screw.

Mounting hardware supplied.


Sold – Individually