Bob Rose

We’ve Lost a Key Member of our Staff

January 2024

Kirby, our beloved friend and Studio Greeter for the past 12 years, passed quietly in Bob’s arms on January 29, 2024.  He will be dearly missed by our heartbroken staff as well as the numerous guests who have become accustom to his one-in-a-million personality.   

New Rose Iron Works Handrails at the Western Reserve Herb Society Garden

April 2023

Decorative wrought iron handrails now grace the nationally renowned garden of the Western Reserve Herb Society at the Cleveland Botanical Garden. 

Bob Rose and Rose Iron Works craftsmen Steve Moorhouse, Jesse Burns and Stan Dejarnette were honored for their contribution when WRHS held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new rails recently. Coordinating the event were Lynne Griffin and Kate Williams, WRHS officers whose members hosted it together with Cleveland Botanical Garden and Holden Forests and Gardens staff.

Bob designed the handrails to reflect the motif his father, Melvin Rose, used for the Secret Garden Gates he crafted for the garden in 2004. Decorative details that Martin Rose, his grandfather, often used, were also included in the design.

Bob and his wife, Carolyn, gifted the handrails in loving memory of his parents and sister.

Watch video of Bob’s comments here.


Bob Rose Welcomes Initiatives in Art and Culture

September 16, 2022

Members of Initiatives in Art and Culture visited our studio during their 24th Annual Arts and Crafts Conference. After several years of Covid avoidance we opened our doors and welcomed Lisa Koeningsberg, Erin Welsh and over 50 Arts and Crafts enthusiasts from throughout the US.  Bob Rose provided a visual history of the family business as well as a glimpse at recent and current projects.   We are proud to be included as one of the key contributors to Cleveland’s rich Arts & Crafts heritage and ongoing culture.


Cleveland Cavaliers Choose Rose Iron Works to Create Corporate Gift

July 2021

The Cleveland Cavaliers approached Bob Rose with the request to design a unique gift to be presented to the CEO of The Cleveland Cliffs, one of the team’s primary partners. The initial request was a metal basketball, but soon morphed into the creation of a sculpture of a basketball surrounding the globe, positioned over a basketball court. The project was challenging due to a firm two-week deadline. Bob Rose explains that “This project showcased the combined ingenuity, creativity and craftsmanship of our entire team. It truly took a fast-paced village to accomplish it.” Read more about the process.

Apollo Magazine: December 2020 features CMA Acquisition of Rose Iron Works Jazz Age Items

January 5, 2021

Bob Rose says “This is a significant honor for CMA as well as for my grandfather, father and family.  I am intensely proud of our legacy of over a century long contribution to our craft and art world.  Important to note tho, that we are carrying on the tradition today and welcome inquires for commissioned pieces of the same caliber as these.” 

The Cleveland Museum of Art Acquires Rose Jazz Age Pieces

January 01, 2021

Rose Iron Works is proud to announce that their items displayed in the Jazz Age Show have been acquired by The Cleveland Museum of Art for its permanent collection.  These include our iconic Muse with Violin Screen, Deco Console Table and Mirror with Muse, each designed by Paul Feher and produced in our studio circa 1930 and one of the railing sections created by founder Martin Rose for The Cleveland Playhouse Drury Theater lobby in 1927.


Bob Rose says “I’m honored that our work continues to be recognized at the highest levels.  The Cleveland Museum of Art is the very best choice for a permanent home for these pieces.  We are extremely proud of our contribution to Cleveland’s and America’s art legacy.”


We encourage you to use this link to CMA’s On Line Collection to learn about each piece.  The site offers an excellent photo zoom feature which provides a wonderful opportunity to explore the rich detail carefully crafted into our work.

Thanks for Visiting!

January 15, 2018

The Jazz Age Show closed yesterday! 

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Stephen Harrison, Sarah Coffin, Bill Griswold, Caroline Baumann, the entire staff at both The Cleveland Museum of Art and Cooper Hewitt and the many generous donors for an incredible experience.

Over 250,000 visitors enjoyed an amazing glimpse of history, craftsmanship and American creative spirit.  We are honored to have been included.


Open House & Holiday Boutique

We’re delighted to have shared a very fun evening with so many new and dear friends.

We wish all a very Happy Holiday Season!


Join us for an Open House & Holiday Boutique!

Thursday Evening November 16, 2017

6:00  – 9:00 pm


The Jazz Age Show Opens in Cleveland!

September 30, 2017 – January 14, 2018


Bob and Carolyn Rose at the Opening!

The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920’s show, immensely popular at  the Cooper Hewitt in New York City for the past few months, will open at The Cleveland Museum of Art on Saturday September 30. The first major museum exhibition to focus on American taste in art and design during the dynamic years of the 1920s and early 1930s. Tickets on sale NOW for this blockbuster exhibition!



The show features our now American Deco iconic Muse with Violin screen as well as Mirror and Console Table, two pieces which have not been available for public viewing for many years.  Also displayed is the center balcony railing from the former Drury Theater of The Cleveland Playhouse.  It is one of the finest examples of Martin Rose’s traditional work.  Be sure to look for the catalog of this outstanding show.


More about the show:

  • Click on the first, primary Muse screen image triangle to watch a short video created to feature the show, Rose Iron Works and the screen.
  • Click on Featured Audio to listen to an interview with Bob Rose discussing the origin and creation of the Muse with Violin screen.
  • Page down to watch a short video with fun pre-opening clips and comments by Stephen Harrison, co-curator.