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Oil Lamp – Aroma Diffuser-Combo – Square – Nickel


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A handy combination of our Oil Lamp and Aroma Diffuser. We furnish both an interchangeable wick and diffuser grid to allow you to alternate use.


Extraordinary juxtaposition of graceful organic form and substantial mass balance either a gentle flame or a bouquet of natural wicks.


A elegant option for diffusing a favorite aroma!


Named to reflect the volcanic nature of the forging process used to create them… take a moment to view exciting images on the Vulcan Series: Inspiration page. Watch a video of them being forged!


Designed by: Stephen Yusko and Bob Rose … with morph suggested by Barb Rose!


Square Body


Approximately 2 1/2″ Square x 3 1/2″ High Wicks 15″ Weight – approximately 2 lbs.


Lustrous warm silver tone nickel finish.


Each piece is hand crafted … slight variation is expected.


10 wicks are furnished with holder – no aroma oil


Replacement Wick sets sold separately