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Vulcan Aroma Diffuser – Square – Black


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We admit it ….. this enchanting diffuser morphed from a skewer holder! As we critiqued the completed holder, it seemed a natural to replace the skewers with wicks.


Extraordinary juxtaposition of graceful organic form and substantial mass balance a bouquet of natural wicks.


A elegant option for diffusing a favorite aroma!


Named to reflect the volcanic nature of the forging process used to create them… take a moment to view exciting images on the Vulcan Series: Inspiration page. Watch a video of it being forged.


Designed by: Stephen Yusko and Bob Rose … with morph suggested by Barb Rose!


Square body (Also available in Hexagonal and Rectangular)


Approximately  2 1/2″ Square x 3 1/2″ High Wicks 15″ Weight – approximately  2 lbs.


Black patina with hand-rubbed wax finish. (Also available in Nickel – warm silver)


Each piece is hand crafted … slight variation is expected.


10 wicks are furnished with holder – no aroma oil


Replacement Wick sets sold separately