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Hanger – Butterfly – Black


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Unique in any environment … these hangers, mounted in groups or individually, are absolutely elegant sculpture.


Can be oriented with the “wings” in a downward position to gracefully hang one garment … or, with the “wings” upward, the butterfly form functions as a more conventional hanger. Clothing drapes beautifully over the gently curved surfaces. No “dimples” or “hook marks” in garments.


Back plate can be configured in a horizontal position .. or on the diagonal. Wall attachment hardware is invisible.


Made of forged steel, these hangers support a heavy jacket or light scarf.

(See our Stainless Hangers for bathroom and kitchen use )


Designed by artist-in-residence Stephen Yusko


Dimensions: Back plate 3 1/4″ square, Wing tips 6 1/4″ extend 5 1/4″ from wall.


Durable Black Oxide finish


Steel back plate attaches to the wall, hanger telescopes into socket and is locked with a set screw.


Mounting hardware supplied.


Sold – Individually